Upcoming Regional Workshops For 2014-2015

Play Therapy Interventions for Children With Dysregulation Issues: Autism, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome and Mood Disorders

1/31/15   9:00am-4pm  (Registration at 8:30)
CEUS: 6 hours
Location: Central Area 
Hawthorn Bank Community Room 
3600 Amazonas Drive 
Jefferson City, MO  65109
Presenter: Dr. Robert Jason Grant, LPC, RPT-S, Certified Austism Specialist



Nuts & Bolts of Play Therapy (Morning Session) 
And Therapist Self-Care (Afternoon Session) 

Date: 4/11/14
Location: Kansas City Area (Specific Location TBA)
Presenter: Tracy Turner-Bumberry, LPC, RPT-S, CAS


FAQ:  How are workshop topics decided?  
ANSWER:  Yearly, during the annual conference, members write in what topics that they would like to see presented as the bigger workshops in the upcoming year.  

FAQ:  How are workshop locations decided?  
ANSWER:  Our state board rotates the workshops through areas of the state, giving each part of the state the opportunity to have a workshop close to home.  


FAQ: How do you decide who your presenters are?  
ANSWER:  Yearly, during the annual conference, members write in local, possible Missouri APT member professionals that they would like to that they would like to hear present topics that they specialize in.  Also, if you know a professional, in our state, who specializes in a particular niche, please communicate that to your area reps or your board president, so that they could determine whether or not that person would be a good fit. 



Register For Next Workshop: Play Therapy Interventions for Children with Dysregulation Issues

1/31/15   9:00am-4pm  (Registration at 8:30)

Central Area 
Hawthorn Bank Community Room 
3600 Amazonas Drive  Jefferson City, MO  65109

Dr. Robert Jason Grant, LPC, RPT-S, Certified Austism Specialist

Many children entering play therapy struggle with becoming dysregulated which often leads to unwanted behavior. Most children lack the ability on their own to understand their dysregulation and how to manage it. This workshop will focus on working with children in a play therapy process who have dysregulation issues. Dysregulation will be defined and how dysregulation manifests in children will be covered. The most common mental health disorders that create dysregulation for children will be covered and several play therapy interventions that are effective in helping to reduce dysregulation will be presented


Early bird (Member)                                       $110
(Until Jan 17th)

Early bird (Non-Member)                    $130
(Until Jan 17th)

Member                                          $125

Non Member                                    $135

Student Rate:                                   $90 

-- Students must provide a transcript or letter from professor can be e-mailed in advance.
-- "Student" means either enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program


Special note:

This workshop was one of the top workshops voted on at conference last June.  We are offering it in the middle of the state, so all members will have an opportunity to attend. If you would like to carpool, contact your area reps! 

Learning Objectives

1) Participants will learn what dysregulation is and how the process of dysregulation manifests in children and how to recognize dysregulation in the play therapy process.

2) Participants will learn about the most common mental health disorders seen in play therapy that typically involve high levels of dysregulation for children.

3) Participants will learn about the most effective discipline and behavior change strategies to use in play therapy with children with dysregulation issues.

4) Participants will learn several structured play therapy interventions to use with children who have dysregulation issues.  

Presenter Bio

 Dr. Grant is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, and Certified Autism Specialist. Dr. Grant owns a private practice clinic in Nixa, MO. Dr. Grant specializes in working with children, adolescents and families, specifically children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Grant is the author of three books including the best selling AutPlay Therapy Handbook. He has presented at various regional and national conferences and presents trainings around the country.    

January 2015 Regional Workshop



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Cancellation policy: A credit will be given for the amount paid to MAPT if registration is cancelled prior to the day of the conference. No refunds will be given.