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MAPT History

After numerous conversations among peers and colleagues, some of them stretching back to the mid-1980's, the Missouri Association for Play Therapy (MAPT) was chartered as a member of the national Association for Play Therapy (APT) on May 1, 1993.

Play therapist Kathryn Boone wrote the very first bylaws for MAPT, and continues to serve as a role model for play therapists around the state. An award, the "Kathryn Boone Outstanding Play Therapist Award" for work in a private or agency setting, is named in her honor.

Since 1993, MAPT has continued to grow, both in the number of members, but also the number of services available to those members. A major achievement in the history of MAPT happened in April of 2008, when the organization was awarded a national provider certification for continuing education for play therapists (AP Number: 08-223).

MAPT now offers conferences and workshops statewide for play therapists wishing to receive some of the best training in the nation in play therapy.

Members of MAPT serve as school counselors, operate in private practices, and serve is Registered Play Therapists (RPT) or Registered Play Therapist Supervisors (RPT-S) in academic, institutional, public, and private settings. Their commitment to providing service to children and adolescents is second to none, and a big reason that Missouri is one of the leaders in the nation in providing these services to citizens.

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